Why am I going to Finland?

Here I am...sitting at Reval Cafe, spending my last hours in Tallinn and preparing to go on another adventure. I thought I would sit down and write down where I am going, why am I going and what I will be doing there. 

Where am I going?
Today, on the 28th of August, I will take a ferry to Finland to start my Erasmus adventure at a university called ''HUMAK University of Applied Sciences''. I will be joining an international  program there, where we will be studying about adventure education. University campus itself is located in a beautiful nature friendly area, which is 45km north of Helsinki and there's nothing else but a university, dormitory, sports hall and a lake there. I think it will be an amazing opportunity for me to shut myself out of the busy big city life and just concentrate on myself and my studying. 

More information on the university here!

Why am I going?
When people think of Erasmus, they think of going to study somewhere far away, but I am going to F…