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On-arrival training in Bucharest, joder!!

This blog will be all about my amazing, wonderful and extremely fun week in Bucharest aka the on-arrival training...
Me, Tugba and Hasan started our trip on October 2. early in the morning. We took a train to Brasov, where we of course did some shopping. After a couple of hours in Brasov we took a train to Bucharest, where we had to take a metro to our hotel, ''Yesterday Hotel'' and I have to say that metro is the only transportation in Romania that is not late, it was a pretty special moment.
The first night was quite relaxed, because it was the day for arriving and the actual program started on Monday. But we did get dinner, what a luxury it was to eat something else besides pasta and pizza AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO MAKE IT OR CLEAN UP AFTER!! Later we also had a meeting about the rules and the schedule for the week.I also finally met my favorite Estonian Eleny, with whom we had been talking about this on-arrival training for a month!!

                            Eleny and me.

This on-arrival training was supposed to give us more information about: EVS, volunteering in general, our rights as a volunteer and many other things. We had a really busy schedule every single day:

Breakfast: 7.00-9.30
Session 1: 09.30- 11.00
Coffee break: 11.00-11.30
Session 2: 11.30-13.00
Lunch break: 13.00-15.00
Session 3: 15.00-16.30
Coffee break: 16.30-17.00
Session 4: 17.00-18.30
Dinner: 19.00

But the sessions were really fun, we did a lot of different activities: Games, presentations, theory about EVS, watched movies and argued a lot!!

What are our expectations...

Spaghetti tower.

Games, games and more games...

But of course the life of the on-arrival started when the sessions were over!! Every night we eighter went to a bar or just chilled in our rooms. On the second day we went to a bar in the city center.

From the left: Catalan, Catalan, French, me and Eleny.

              You just have to take a picture of the beer!

The service was very bad, some of the volunteers even got some beers dumped all over their stuff and laps. That's what happens when you try to serve 8 1L beers at once! JODER! And the waitress didn't even learn from her mistakes, she almost dumped the beer on us too! Also if you wanted to order something from the bar you had to wait 30 minutes to order and then wait 30 minutes to actually get your beer! If you want to go out and drink to be sober, it is the perfect place for you!! For those who think that I don't do any exercise and all I do is drink here, then you are mistaken. If you're drinking the 1L beer, it is drinking while exercising!! the glass was so heavy that my hands were sore the next morning. La cerveza es la vida!(Hola to my Spanish friends!) After the bar we decided to go to a club across the street, we got a whole floor to ourselves! The music was pretty terrible, but at least we got to dance!!
After that experience in the city center the next day we decided to stay near the hotel. We found a really good bar (By good I mean cheap!) called ''21 Club'', which became our so called ''home bar''. They didn't like us there, but we didn't care! They didn't like us because we were really really loud! Cheap beer and cheap pizza is all we need!!

                  Volunteers in our ''home bar''!!

But of course we did some other activities besides drinking too. For example we had an intercultural night, where everybody had to make a presentation about their country. Us, Estonians made a play about our sauna night... We threw in some facts and jokes about Estonia and Estonians, it seemed like everybody enjoyed it!

                         Estonian maffia!

During our presentation we taught the others our very famous sauna song ''Viska leili'' and it was a hit! We even sang it in a bar!

 Me, Eleny and Nacho singing "Viska Leili''.

On afternoon we had go to the city center and play a game. We got a list of tasks that we had to complete in the city. Our tasks were: 
  • Ask 10 people if they were born in Bucharest, if not where were they born.
  • Find out if Bucharest has any annual events.
  • What car do you see most often on the streets of Romania?
  • Find out what do Romanian like to joke about and what they don't like to joke about.
  • Go to a street named Lipscani and count the cafe shops on that street.
  • Find Fontana Universitatea and take a picture there.

I can proudly say our group completed all the tasks!!

Lipscani street.

Amazing painting on a house!

Beautiful Bucharest!

 Fontana universitatae and my group!

After all those tasks of course we went to a bar to get a victory beer and we also met other volunteers there!

 Somebody has my scarf?!

I met so many amazing people during this week and I know I've made some friends for life!! I even found a Spanish song with my name in it (thank you Nacho for that).

Nacho singing my song!


When the project was over and we had said our sad good byes, me and Eleny decided to stay for one more night with the volunteers from Bucharest. All we did was eat, sleep, eat and listen to music.. But it was the perfect night!!

From the left: Eleny, Valentino(Spanish)and me!

From the left: Eleny, Nacho(spanish)and me!

All I've got left to say is: Quien es tu papi? (Who's your daddy in spanish)and ADIOS AMIGOS!!

PS! As you can see I am very obsessed with Spanish language now, so I've decided to learn Spanish, wish me luck!!

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